No-Show, Late Attendance, and Cancellation Policy

This policy has been established in order to provide the highest level of service to all BP Induction registrants and their employers. BP covers the cost of the first BP Induction Training class for all direct BP employees and contractor companies who provide a current BP contract number. However, APICC has an established Same Day Cancellation Policy and enforces a No Show Fee and Late Arrival Policy, which is equal to the full per-person price of the course. 


“No Show” shall mean any registrant who fails to arrive for a confirmed class time and did not provide advance notification of their absence. “Same Day Cancellation” shall mean any registrant or contractor company who cancels less than 24-hours prior to the confirmed class time. “Late Arrival” shall mean any registrant who arrives 15 minutes after the confirmed class start time, as outlined in the confirmation email sent from the APICC office.

NOTE: In instances of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances which may delay class start time, a separate email will be sent to all confirmed registrants with additional information.


Registration for a BP Induction class may be canceled anytime up to 24-hours in advance of the class start time, without incurring cancellation fees. If it is necessary to cancel attendance for a confirmed class, registrants and/or contractor companies must notify the APICC office of their need to cancel at least 24-hours prior to their confirmed class time, or be responsible for the per-person student fee for any no shows or same day cancellations. To notify the APICC office of cancellations or need to reschedule, call (907)770-5250 or email

Confirmed registrants who show up 15 minutes or later after the class start time will be considered a “Late Arrival.” Because essential information is given throughout the entire BP Induction course, registrants who arrive 15minutes or later after the class start time will not be permitted to join the class. Late arrivals will have the option to reschedule at no additional cost. Late arrivals who choose to not reschedule will be considered a Same Day Cancellation and will incur the per-person cancellation fee.

APICC will invoice the Registrant’s contractor/employer for each employee/registrant who cancels less than 24 hours before the class start time, does not show up for the scheduled class, or late arrivals who choose not to not reschedule for a different BP Induction course.