About Us

Established by industry to serve all Alaskans.

In 1999, it had become clear that not enough Alaskans were being adequately prepared for a growing number of technical jobs being created in industry. Employers like BP Amoco and Williams Petroleum, realized the importance of taking an active role in ensuring a ready, well-trained Alaska workforce to fill the hundreds of predicted new operations jobs.

In September of 1999, in partnership with educators, trainers, community members and government agencies, these industry employers established APICC to create, connect, and enhance the quality of training and education programs available in Alaska.

Alaska industry provided the resources to establish APICC as the vehicle for industry collaboration in preparing Alaska’s future workforce. Working together through APICC, our partners are able to:

  • define workforce needs from an employer perspective
  • create statewide skill standards for jobs
  • develop standardized curricula to meet industry needs and
  • promote industry careers to Alaskans.

Today, we still hold to the beliefs of our industry founders: education and training programs must be responsive to industry requirements; and industry must fully participate in the process. APICC was established to provide this important service to industry in planning for future projects and predicted job growth. But individual Alaskans are the real beneficiaries of what we do. The quality training programs founded by APICC, and our awareness and outreach efforts have led hundreds of Alaskans toward high-paying industry jobs – benefitting Alaskan families and Alaska’s economy.


What industry and APICC accomplish together matters to Alaskans like Kyle.

Hi. My name is Kyle Moffat.  
For the last 10 years I’ve worked for BP on the North Slope of Alaska. I have a great job as a Production Operator.  It’s challenging and rewarding, and I thank APICC and BP for giving me this opportunity.
After graduating from high school in Cantwell, I received a BP Process Technology Scholarship and attended Kenai Peninsula College.  BP also offered me an internship.  After completing my Associates Degree in Industrial Process Technology I was hired by BP in 2005. 
Over the last decade I’ve worked for BP on the North Slope in a variety of positions. When I’m not at work my time is spent with my wife, Nicole, and our three daughters.  We love the Alaska life:  camping, fishing, hunting.  My job on the Slope gives me a great career and allows me to spend quality time with my family.
If I was asked to give advice to a high school student interested in working in our industry, I’d say “Keep your GPA together.”  If you treat high school like a job,  it’ll pay big dividends later –  no matter your profession.
A North Slope job might not be for everyone, but for me it has been the opportunity of my lifetime.  Thanks to APICC and BP!