Host a teacher through TIE!

Teachers have significant impact on young people as they select and de-select career paths. Externship experiences allow educators to learn new skills and gain an understanding of job requirements, career opportunities, and workplace environments in Alaska industries, which in turn, is shared with students. Teacher Industry Externships is a cost effective approach to impacting a large number of students who pursue careers in Alaska’s high growth, high demand industries.

In a teacher externship, teachers typically spend two weeks or longer working in an industry to learn more about a specific workplace, including academic and other requirements. Teachers receive a small stipend, travel and per diem expenses to the worksite in addition to college credits. This model includes teachers representing both academic and vocational disciplines in order to better prepare youth for the rigors of the workplace. Employers continue to cite the lack of basic skills as a major barrier to success for new entrants in the workplace. Teacher externs can make curricula more relevant for students so they can relate their learning to work experiences and careers.

Please consider hosting a teacher for an extership experience. For more information and to host a teacher, contact APICC’s Outreach and Membership Coordinator, Martha Peck, at or 770-5250.