Careers in Animal Care

What does it take to work with animals? What does a vet tech, vet assistant or a veterinarian do?

This week on Workforce Wednesday, we visited with Dr. Erin Earhart from Pet Stop right here in Anchorage. Dr. Erin gave us some food for thought for those interested in entering the veterinary field. The obvious is veterinarians play a major role in the healthcare of pets, livestock and zoo, sporting, and laboratory animals. But did you know some veterinarians use their skills to protect humans against diseases carried by animals? Some conduct clinical research on human and animal health problems. Others work in basic research to develop new ways to use their knowledge.

There is a growing need for veterinarian and support staff. If this looks like a career field of interest to you, watch KTVA’s DayBreak Wednesday morning to find out more and how you might enter the health career field, working with animals.

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