Board of Directors Meeting Q3 News and Updates


Last Friday, the APICC Board of Directors held their third quarter meeting.  Our directors successfully covered all business included in a packed and challenging agenda. Chair Mickey Battle kept the energy level high during the three-hour meeting, focusing everyone on sustaining the strong momentum behind a number of new and ongoing projects.


At the meeting, Directors voted on and approved the slate of candidates submitted by the Nominations and Elections Committee. Committee Chair Heather Spear (Calista Corporation) reported that three incumbent Directors – Mickey Battle, Shell; Mark Hylen, Beacon; and Jeff Laube, Kenai Peninsula College – were among the nominees, along with Patrick Rose of Northern Industrial Training. All four nominations were submitted properly by eligible members, and received prior to the deadline set in the APICC Bylaws. Congratulations to all our worthy nominees!

Mickey Battle


Mark Hylen


Jeff Laube


Patrick Rose


Members will cast their ballot to approve the slate of candidates at the Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, October 23, at the Dena’ina Center. Ballots will be handed out and collected at the meeting. Members who are unable to attend should request an official absentee ballot early.  Absentee ballots must be submitted to the Nominations Chair before the Annual Meeting is adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m.




The North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) announced their plans to provide PTEC Program Auditor Training soon.  The announcement was made at their Instructor Skills Conference this week in New Orleans, which was attended by APICC Director Jeff Laube.  NAPTA is encouraging industry trainers in states with NAPTA endorsed Process Technology Degree Programs, like Alaska, to sign up for the training.  There are currently not enough folks certified by NAPTA across North America to perform program audits, which are required every four years to maintain the endorsement.  APICC encourages our industry partners to consider selecting an experienced in-house trainer for the auditor training, and to participate with APICC in future audits of the Process Technology Degree Programs at UAF Community and Technical College, Kenai Peninsula College, and the KPC Anchorage Extension site. Alaska’s PTEC program audits will be performed again in 2018. The auditor training courses will be provided online through WebEx.  Available training dates will be announced soon.  Contact the APICC office for more information.


Since early spring of this year, APICC has been working with a subcommittee of the Business Education Compact (BEC), the State of Alaska Division of Business Partnerships, and the McDowell Group to develop an analysis of workforce development priorities and strategies across Alaska.  Though a small portion of a larger undertaking, the project is extensive, requiring input and data from a number of industry sector experts.  An outline of the work-to-date was provided to the APICC Board of Directors for review and comments. Panelists from the BEC subcommittee will introduce the project, their goals, the steps ahead, and how the report aligns with the other BEC projects currently in progress. A detailed reporting of the data and progress to date will be presented at the APICC Annual Meeting by representatives of the McDowell Group.


Look for the announcement – we are totally excited about our #mysteryproject!  Staff and our Board of Directors can’t wait to share the details!  Coming Soon